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Water Based System are designed to direct the water at the required density, from nozzles having predetermined patterns to completely impinge water into the hazard surface being protected. They are designed to use effectively in a variety of special hazards applications including flammable and combustible liquid hazards as well as transformers and turbines.

MASTER provides services in water based systems which can be used as/with the following systems/equipments, applicable as per the specific requirements :

  • Hydrants
  • Sprinklers
  • High Velocity Water Spray Systems (H. V. W. S. Systems)
  • Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (M. V. W. S. Systems)

Hydrants :

Sprinkler systems

A Fire Sprinkler is the part of a Sprinkler Systems. They are generally located at ceiling level, connected with the system of water pumps and tanks. With the effect of fire at the site, due to the rise in heat the predetermined temperature reaches causing a glass component in sprinkler head to fail resulting in discharge of water spray from sprinkler head.

Sprinkler Systems help to reduce the growth of a fire. Sprinkler Systems can also involved into more effective and advanced systems like water mist systems which give finer water droplets.

This system proves very effective in protecting high rise buildings, warehouses, malls, auditoriums and other similar public houses.

High Velocity Water Spray Systems (H.V.W. S. Systems) :

High Velocity Water Spray Nozzles
This system works uniquely effective against fire hazards involving heavy or medium oil.
This systems operates using the specifically designed nozzles depending on the fire area , requirement of shape of spray cone and the water flow.
This system has capacity to reach to the surface of burning oil penetrating the flame zone .This results into most important phenomenon called ‘Emulsification’ i.e. formation of the noncombustible emulsion layer of oil-water on the surface of the burning oil. This emulsification along with the cooing smothering effects extinguishes the fire.
High Velocity Water Spray Systems also can be used to protect Circuit Breakers & Transformers.

Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (M.V.W.S. Systems)

Medium velocity water spray sprayers provide a continuous water spray with medium velocity consisting of finely divided water droplets. These systems are ideal in fighting against the fire involving light oils. As emulsification is not possible in this case, the high velocity water spray systems cannot work in this type of fire.

These systems sprayers are mostly used in combination with the other effective fire fighting systems. The specifically designed nozzles produce a cooling spray which has very high capacity to absorb the heat

This water jet is sprayed on the adjacent plants and structures which ultimately minimizes the damage and the risk of explosion.