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Water Mist System is the most advanced system in fire suppression which has substantial advantages over conventional fire fighting systems like Water Spray Systems and Gaseous Extinguishing Systems.

In this system water is used as a medium through hi-tech engineering installation.

Only 10% of water as compared with conventional sprinkler is used and that to much more effectively than any other system.

MASTER is the sole Distributors of FOGTEC – a leading German company in the WATER MIST SYSTEM

  • The Smarter Way of Fire Fighting
  • Fire Fighting with Water Mist
  • FOGTEC Water Mist System use pure water by converting it into fine mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar.
  • This system is 100% environmentally friendly and also very often proves more effective than conventional Gas or Water fire supression systems.
  • FOGTEC systems are backed by the unique know how of two partner companies namely
    1. LECHLER
    2. KAMAT
  • LECHLER is the largest specialist nozzle manufacturer in Europe
  • KAMAT is one of leading manufacturers of high-pressure pumping systems.
  • With these two partner companies and with the worldwide network of 45 excellent system partner companies
  • FOGTEC assures service at all levels and all stages from consulting, designing and planning to installation and maintenance


FOGTEC Water Mist System’s working principle lies in the generation of very fine water droplets. This extremely fine size droplets brings unique cooling effect and localized oxygen displacement effect which makes FOGTEC System highly effective though using only small amount of water.

Cooling Effect : Generation of very fine droplets at high pressure, rapidly extracts the energy from the fire itself and this depriving of the energy stops the combustion reaction. This strong cooling effect also serves effectively in protecting persons and property against the radiated heat.

Oxygen Displacement : The fire brings rapid evaporation of the fine water droplets at high temperature increasing the volume by 1640 times and in the process oxygen gets displaced locally reducing it’s content at the source of fire to the level at which the combustion reaction becomes impossible.

Public Buildings: Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, Archives, Museums & Heritage Buildings
Protection of human life is having high priority at public buildings hazards. FOGTEC Water Mist proves here as a most ideal fire fighting system. Spread of heat reduces effectively due to its highly efficient cooling effect providing better conditions for the escape of people.

As very small amount of water is being used with effective momentum by means of specially designed nozzle, the risk of damage due to the water reduces to minimum at FOGTEC Systems which proves advantageous at sensitive places like Museums & Archives.

The FOGTEC System can be fitted unobtrusively in existing buildings of hotel, hospitals offices and also in heritage buildings as this system requires pipe fittings with smaller diameter, less space for the central pumping unit and smaller water storage tank than in the case of water sprinkler

Business Houses, Data Centers, Telecommunication Systems, and other EDP Areas
Fire hazards in IT or Telecommunication area produces large amount of acidic and hazardous smoke which deposits on extremely sensitive circuits and data media and resulting in major system breakdown.

The FOGTEC Water mist System rapidly suppresses the fire while limiting the spread of smoke. This is achieved by the fine water droplets absorbing part of the smoke particles and dropping to the floor. This saves damages in circuits and data media. Further owing to the small amount of water used, the effect on EDP components is also negligible.

There are many types and categories of industrial fires demanding specific protection for specific industry. FOGTEC Systems offer a solution for almost of them. FOGTEC Systems has proven to be most effective while fighting even with hydrocarbon fire. Features of FOGTEC Systems, like short shutdown time after activation, no damages or shortening of machine life and flexibility in design to handle individual object protection or total flooding systems, proves very important in handling industrial firs.

Kitchen Deep Fat Fryers ( Cooking Oil Fire)
Conventionally deep fat fryers in restaurant kitchens, canteens etc. are mostly protected with chemical based fire fighting agents. This results in time consuming work and hence business interruptions after the event of discharge. Whereas FOGTEC Water Mist System handles the situation far more effectively. Fine water mist droplets are light enough not to penetrate the oil surface .These droplets rapidly absorbs the heat and extinguish fire rapidly and also keep on continuingly cooling the oil and thus prevent the reignition.

Industrial large scale deep fryers
Industrial large scale deep fryers are often protected by CO2. Systems but this system does not prove adequate since there is always a risk of reignition as the discharged CO2 gets diluted very rapidly. FOGTEC Water Mist Systems provides effective solution on this problem. Also FOGTEC Systems get integrated into any design or position of the fryer hood.

Other Applications :

  • Cable tunnels in factories, IT companies etc.
  • In underground traffic systems and Tunnels
  • Railway vehicles
  • Ships and Oil Platforms.

FOGTEC wall cabinets operates on the same principle as Fixed FOGTEC Systems. Here the high pressure water mist is produced by the manually operated FOGGUN. A high energy spray can also be used to fight larger fire. Foggun .>>>>> PDF Mobile systems >>>> images PDF

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