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Smoke has proven itself more fetal than the flames of fire hazards.

In case of fire hazards,
90% of fire victims die because of smoke.
70% of physical damage is caused by smoke.

SMOKE becomes main hurdle in the fire extinguishing operations.
Due to the SMOKE the source of fire as well as further sources of danger cannot be detected by fire brigade.

Smoke Barriers System or Fire closure System is the unique and advanced solution on this problem. These smoke barriers are made up of noncombustible material designed and constructed to restrict the spread of smoke in a building.

A fire closure acts as a part of a unit to keep areas free from the smoke. These barriers can be fitted within natural or automatic Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators System of the building. This whole system can be operated automatically by simple mechanism in case of hazard situation.

STOBICH is the leading German Company which provides the world wide service in this field.

MASTER is the Authorized Representative in INDIA for STOBICH


STOBICH BRANDSCHUTZ is the pioneer company in Continuous Fire Protection Closers Conveyor Systems.
These systems can be adapted to all type of conveyor systems very easily to provide more than 70 solutions in the emergency.
STOBICH have established themselves as a most experienced and most innovative company in this field.
STOBICH have the international presence through their 42 representative assuring a quick customer services.


Advanced technology of Smoke and Fire Detection System is further modified to alert the people more effectively by using sophisticated audio-visual signals.

This system which is called as a Public Address System is equipped with audible alarm evacuation signals such as Hi-lo, slow-whoop audio signals with specific frequency as per the requirements and also with emergency voice messaging .This audio system is further synchronized with visual signals consisting of flashing candle lights or clear high intensity strobe lights.

This system can alert elderly citizens and even the sleeping occupants by awakening them by typical frequency sound. The visual systems help to alert hearing impaired people.

Ateis International is well established as a leading organization in the Public Address Systems having branches at major countries like Germany, U.K., France, and China etc.

MASTER is operating in India as a channel partner in India for ATEIS INTERNATIONAL assuring all needs of security in public spaces.