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Gaseous Extinguishing Systems are used in the hazards situation where the side effects of the suppression medium are not acceptable. Especially in the places where water based fire protection is impractical i.e. Museum, Bank, Hospital and Electrical fire. Medium in Gaseous Extinguishing Systems is very simple to remove just by starting the ventilation in the protected area.

Below are the current gaseous systems that MASTER provides:

  • Carbon Dioxide Suppression System
  • Inert Gas Suppression System

1. Carbon Dioxide Suppression System:

  • This is a clear gaseous system with low cost since carbon dioxide is readily available in the atmosphere. The system can discharge very rapidly and also has rapid and high penetration across the entire hazards area.
  • This gaseous system extinguishes the fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected area to the extent where it no more remain supportive to the combustion reaction.
  • This system does not generate any residue or decomposition of the products.
  • This can be effectively applied where the high value assets are required to protect and the large quantity of extinguishing agent is required.

2. Inert Gas Suppression Systems

Here the principle of suppression is to reduce the volume of Oxygen to a level that do not support the combustion process but at the same time it can sustain the human life. This property of being safe to human life is the unique advantage of these media over CO2 Systems.

Following systems are coming under this category.
a) HFC Systems:

  • In these systems gaseous Fluorocarbon compound is used as a protecting media.
  • These systems have zero ozone depleting potential.
  • Existing Halon/Co2 can be adapted for use with HFC Systems.
  • FM 200 (HFC 227), HFC 125, Novac 1230 are the HFC media systems for which MASTER provides the services.

b) Argon- Nitrogen Systems:

  • This is the typical inert gas blend consisting of Nitrogen and Argon gas. These systems are safest systems as these Argon and Nitrogen gases are the compound of that part of air which we breathe.
  • Apart from being safest to the human life and having all advantages of other gaseous system these systems are also environmentally-friendly and have zero ozone depleting potential.
  • I-G 01, I-G 100, I-G 55 represents different percentage blends which MASTER offers and can be used under different specification.