Our all-round experience in fire-safety, saves lives, property and the environment. – Master Fire Fighters

Master Fire Fighters represent leading foreign companies with the worlds latest and state-of-the-art technology in fire protection systems.

  • Fogtec Brandschutz GmbH & Co. Kg. For High Pressure Water Mist System.
  • Stobich Brandschutz GmbH & Co. Kg. For Fire Curtains and Somke Barriers.
  • Securiton of Canada for Detection and Fire Alarm System and
  • Topaz Fire Systems Pvt. Ltd India for all types of Gas Extinguishing Systems
  • Aties of France for Public Address System.
FOGTEC Brandshutz GmbH & CO. KG, cologne, Germany.
High Pressure Water Mist System

MASTER FIRE FIGHTERS is the Authorised Distributor in India for FOGTEC High pressure water mist systems. FOGTEC systems use pure water and convert it to fine mist at a pressure of 80 to 200 bar. FOGTEC systems are environmentally friendly, safe for people; have a high cooling effect; reduce radiated heat. These systems consume approximately 10% of the water that conventional sprinklers use; minimise water damage and are easy to install in limited space.

Brandschutz GmbH & Co. KG Goslar, Germany Fire and Smoke Curtains

MASTER FIRE FIGHTERS is the authorised Representative of Stobich. Stobich Brandshutz is the worldwide market leader for conveyor system closures and is the international trendsetter in the field of textile fire and smoke protection. Stobich creates modular and flexible closure systems and smoke barriers which are adjustable to many different architectural shapes and situations. Stobich are continuous innovators of Flexible Smoke Barriers and Flexible Fire Protection Closures and are world market leaders.

HOCHIKI Fire Alarm systems – Canada

HOCHIKI INC. Provides total fire alarm solutions. The largest privately held designer and manufacturer of Fire Alarm Life Safety and Telephone Access products in North America, reputed for quality, reliability, and cost effective solutions to life, safety and security challenges world wide, with addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels, Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels, Voice Evacuation systems, Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels, Fire Alarm Accessories, Notification Appliances, Smoke & Heat detectors, Agent release control panels.

Topaz Fire systems (LPG – Spain)
Topaz Fire Systems

Topaz Fire Systems (LPG) – Fire Extinguishing Gaseous Systems. Topaz LPG Brand Gaseous systems, have extinguishing solutions that use many different gases – technically advanced HFC – 125 – does not deplete the ozone layer. FM – 200 – a clean gas, not electrically conductive, suitable for Class A Fires, suitable for occupied areas. Proven technology CO2 extinguishers. Inert, natural extinguishing agents – LPG inert Argon IG – 01 – Argon / Nitrogen IG – 55 – Nitrogen / Argon / Carbon Dioxide IG – 541 – Nitrogen IG – 100. Oxygen – reduction systems, LPG Loxic, and fire detection and extinguishing systems.

ATEIS lnternational S.A. France – Switzerland

ATEIS is the leading manufacturer of Public address and Voice Alarm systems and Voice Intercoms. A full range of sound equipments – microphones, preamplifiers, digital audio matrixes, loud speaker monitoring systems, amplifiers, etc.